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  Text and photos by Nick Baker, unless otherwise credited.
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Long-tailed Sun Skink


Horsfield's Flying Squirrel
Peninsular Malaysia


Collared Black-headed Snake
Peninsular Malaysia


Black-eyed Litter Frog


Red Giant Flying Squirrel - juvenile
Peninsular Malaysia


I started my website back in 2001, when the internet was young, and devices such as smartphones and tablets simply didn't exist. It now comprises over  600 pages of wildlife images, facts and figures from Southeast Asia and New Guinea. Not all images on this site were taken by me - perhaps 10% or so were taken by friends and other like-minded people. What the images have in common, however, is that they are all taken in wild settings which gives a true impression of the natural habits and habitat of these diverse creatures. 

I've always kept the navigation simple on Ecology Asia - I'm not a web designer, and the last thing I want is for visitors to my site to deal with complicated menus and slow download. I recently purchased a cheap 9" tablet, and was surprised to see how attractive my simple website looked.

I've made some recent changes, including giving the rodents a menu page to themselves. As a child I remember being taken to London Zoo by my parents, and the strongest memory I have is visiting the dimly-lit small mammal enclosure, where nocturnal mammals were active by day for all to see. I've loved small mammals ever since, and hope you enjoy the rodents on my website too.


Last update : 3rd September 2015

  Thailand crushes two tonnes of confiscated ivory
  Pangolins in Peril: rallying the world to curb the global China trade
  Mysterious nautilus, thought extinct, spotted in Papua New Guinea
  Killing of black macaques in Indonesia sparks debate over hunting
  Industrial concessions causing massive deforestation in Cambodia
  Shrinking Indonesian shark fisheries spur a national action plan
  Who is the illegal tortoise importer in Malaysia?
  Tough fight for Philippine authorities as illegal animal trade moves online
  Sumatran rhino extinct in the Malaysian wild
  Cambodian dam proceeds despite opposition over fish, ousted villagers
  Philippine coal-fired plants impact on health, environment, economy, and quality of life
  After long battle, big swath of Sumatran rainforest wins protection
  Indonesia : APP to clear plantations to restore peatlands
  Indonesia痴 illegal cage bird trade pushing Black-winged Mynas towards extinction

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I recently visited Fraser's Hill, Peninsular Malaysia, with some old friends and finally managed to photograph Horsfield's Flying Squirrel and Spotted Giant Flying Squirrel which had eluded me for so long. Take a look on the rodents page and you'll find them there. Yes, squirrels are rodents too.



Thanks to : Sophia Sak Baker, Andie Ang, Chan Kwok Wai, Vilma D'Rozario, Christine Fletcher, Horst Flotow, Con Foley, Graeme Guy, Dave Haylock, Tim Jackson, Benjamin Lee, Leong Tzi Ming, Joseph Lim, Kelvin Lim, Norman Lim, Celine Low, Shawn Lum, Ng Bee Choo, Tony O'Dempsey, Mark O'Shea, Bruce Paterson, Timothy Pwee, Subaraj Rajathurai, Stephen Richards, Morten Strange, Ria Tan, Andrew Tay, Robert Teo, Noel Thomas,  Yeo Suay Hwee  ... I get by with a little help from my friends.