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  Text and photos by Nick Baker, unless otherwise credited.
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Smooth Otter
Peninsular Malaysia


Great Anglehead Lizard
Peninsular Malaysia


Siamese Peninsula Pit Viper
Peninsular Malaysia


Malayan Flying Frog
Peninsular Malaysia


Small-toothed Palm Civet
Peninsular Malaysia


With over 600 pages of images and factsheets, this website is a good starting point to learn something of the wildlife of Southeast Asia. There are over 200 species of reptile and 130 species of mammal featured here, including many elusive, smaller mammals such as flying squirrels, shrews and murids. My factsheets tend not to focus too closely on the depressing aspects of the rampant trade in the region's wildlife - I leave that to the experts from Traffic, whose articles can be reached from the News Links section and in the links below.  


Last update : 29th July 2016

  Thailand : Persistent illegal bird trade highlighted at notorious Bangkok Market
  Philippines / Malaysia : 19,000 Sea Turtle Eggs Seized in Anti-Smuggling Operation
  Cambodia痴 Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary Sells First Carbon Credits
  WWF Vietnam launches "Save Saola" campaign
  Thailand : Studies have shown a rise in the elephant population.
  Burma : Human-Elephant Conflict Threatens Wild Elephant Population
  Slow Loris is discovered in Thailand with his teeth ripped out for selfies with tourists
  Malaysia : Lower Kinabatangan fire raises Alarms
  Malaysia : Underwater World Langkawi epitome of wildlife exploitation
  Wildlife unique to one Philippine island
  Otters in Asia at risk from demand for their skins and increasingly as pets
  Indonesia : Timber licenses canceled as Mentawai fight off threat to their land
  Anti-coal activist murdered in the Philippines
  Three Cambodian activists convicted and heavily fined but free
  Unknown, ignored and disappearing: Asia痴 Almost Famous Animals
  Burma : The sustainability challenge
  Cambodia : Elephant Herds Spotted in Tonle Srepok Wildlife Sanctuary
  Malaysia : Normal for animals to cross to Singapore
  WWF launches new Singapore alliance on sustainable palm oil
  Cambodia declares first-ever marine protected area
  Delay to new penal code in Viet Nam is major blow to fight against wildlife crime
  Singapore : New wildlife parks in Mandai
  Ivory bound for Malaysia is seized in South Sudan
  Vietnamese move might hinder logging in Kingdom
  Raid on Tiger Temple reveals grim reality of Thailand痴 rampant animal trafficking
  Indonesian soldier caught with 8 pangolins in car backseat
  Judges up the ante for tiger traffickers in Indonesia
  Vietnam: Online Wildlife Trafficker Gets Five Years in Prison
  No more fires in Indonesia?
  Singapore crushes illegal ivory worth $10 million
  Malaysian Facebook group is shut down for Selling Exotic Pets

(For links to older news articles, search the news links)


On 1st January a new initiative was launched on this website. It's a simple, online journal called 'Southeast Asia Vertebrate Records (SEAVR)' - click here to learn more.  The short documents uploaded to SEAVR are easy to read and informative. They will, hopefully, play a role in documenting interesting wildlife finds made by nature enthusiasts.



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