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Grey-bellied Squirrel
Peninsular Malaysia


Brown Kukri Snake
Peninsular Malaysia


Yellow-spotted Mudskipper


Bearded Pig
Peninsular Malaysia


Barn Owl
Peninsular Malaysia



With nearly 600 pages of wildlife on Ecology Asia you may be forgiven in thinking that this website presents a comprehensive summary of the amazingly diverse wildlife in Southeast Asia. Think again ... this figure probably comprises just 20% of the vertebrate species in the region. Thus I have barely scratched the surface. As an example, worldwide there are now 10,000 species of reptile formally described, and there are surely thousands more to be discovered, so the few hundred species on Ecology Asia is merely an introduction. I find this diversity truly staggering.

Unfortunately so much of Southeast Asia's wildlife is under threat from habitat loss, poaching, overconsumption and the wildlife trade. Add to that the threat of global warming - in 2014, CO2 is reckoned to have reached its highest level in recorded history - and one wonders what the future holds for our beleaguered planet. 


Last update : 20th December 2014

  Wildlife trade awareness training for media and launch of writing contest in Myanmar
  Hunting is a greater threat than logging for most wildlife in Borneo
  Striking new gecko discovered in Thailand
  Tradeoff: Sabah banks on palm oil to boost forest protection
  New pit viper discovered in Sumatra
  Huge swath of forest in Indonesian Borneo slated for clearing by 'sustainable' company
  China's Expanding Middle Class Fuels Poaching, Decadence in Myanmar
  Bangkok market hub of illegal trade in endangered tortoises from around the world
  Malaysia : Too late to play innocent, Dr Mahathir
  Former Malaysian PM, Dr. Mahathir Mohammed : legal logging also destroys forests
  Alien species pose threat to Vietnamese wildlife

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So what's new on my website ? My primate pages have been updated, and I definitely need to add more info on elusive carnivores ... but they are becoming harder and harder to find in what are increasingly being called 'empty forests', meaning forests where the wildlife has all but disappeared due to poaching. Sad but true.



Thanks to : Sophia Sak Baker, Andie Ang, Chan Kwok Wai, Vilma D'Rozario, Christine Fletcher, Horst Flotow, Con Foley, James Gan, Graeme Guy, Dave Haylock, Tim Jackson, Benjamin Lee, Leong Tzi Ming, Joseph Lim, Kelvin Lim, Norman Lim, Celine Low, Shawn Lum, Ng Bee Choo, Tony O'Dempsey, Mark O'Shea, Bruce Paterson, Timothy Pwee, Subaraj Rajathurai, Stephen Richards, Morten Strange, Ria Tan, Andrew Tay, Robert Teo, Noel Thomas,  Yeo Suay Hwee  ... I get by with a little help from my friends.