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The Death of Cambodia痴 滴ighway of Death
Asia Sentinel, 22 Feb 2018

Can Cambodia Protect Enough Forest for Ecotourism?
Asia Sentinel, 20 Dec 2018

The Difficult Discussion on Cambodia痴 Forests
The Diplomat, 30 Oct, 2017

Report details enormous corruption, illegal logging along Vietnam-Cambodia border, 09 May 2017

NASA releases images of dramatic deforestation in Cambodia, 13 Jan 2017

Groups laud timber crackdown in Cambodia
VideoNews, 19 Jan 2016

Cambodian Villagers Accuse Local Officials of Colluding With Illegal Loggers
Radio Free Asia, 06 Jan 2016

Forest rangers killed in Cambodia while patrolling for illegal loggers, 09 Nov 2015

Peaceful direct action has saved one of our most beautiful forests
The Guardian, UK, 27 Oct 2015

Cambodia logs top spot
Phnom Penh Post, 04 Sep 2015

Industrial concessions causing massive deforestation in Cambodia, 26 Aug 2015

New Maps Show Heavy Deforestation In 2013
Cambodia Daily, 16 Jan 2014

Cambodian communities best placed to prevent illegal logging, 22 Jan 2014

Cambodia drops case of murdered forest activist, Chut Wutty : a cover-up?, 08 Oct 2012

Environmental journalist investigating illegal logging murdered in Cambodia, 13 Sep 2012

Cambodia's largest lowland rainforest spared from new land concessions, 06 Aug 2012

Chut Wutty's memory spurs anti-logging campaign
BBC News, 12 May 2012

Cambodia suspends new land grants for companies
BBC News, 07 May 2012

Forest activist shot dead in Cambodia allegedly over photos of illegal logging, 26 Apr 2012

Blood rosewood: Thailand and Cambodia team up to tackle illegal logging crisis, 11 Apr 2012

Blind eye to forest痴 plight
Phnom Penh Post, 26 Mar 2012

China gambles on Cambodia's shrinking forests
Reuters, 07 Mar 2012

Lumphat land dispute - bulldozing stopped, for now
Phnom Penh Post, 24 Feb 2012

Conservation International refutes Cambodian logging story, 23 Dec 2011

Interception of illegal luxury wood transport leads to arrest of four loggers in Mondulkiri
WWF, 01 Jun 2010

Cambodia elite 'stripping jungle'
BBC News, 01 June 2007