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Striking new gecko discovered in Thailand
Mongabay.com, 09 Dec2014

Tigers recorded in Thailand's Salakpra Wildlife Sanctuary for the first time
Wildlife Extra, 26 Sep 2014

Stunning wildlife photographed in flooded Khlong Saeng Wildlife Sanctuary
Mongabay.com, 13 Aug 2014

Conservationists hail success of Thailand wildlife conservation effort
UPI, 11 Feb 2014

New Species of Oak Discovered In Ton Pariwat Wildlife Sanctuary
Red Orbit, 12 Feb 2014

Wild gaurs die mysteriously in Kuiburi national forest
Thai PBS, 23 Dec 2013

Murina balaensis - a new Tube-nosed bat from Thailand
SEABCRU, 17 Dec 2013

Forest fragmentation triggers 'ecological Armageddon'
BBC News, 26 Sep 2013

Palm oil developments force monkeys (Long-tailed Macaques) to down tools
BBC News, 16 Aug 2013

An unforgettable encounter with an irate bull gaur in the Western Forest Complex
Bangkok Post, 26 Jun 2013

Three new species of carnivorous snails discovered in endangered habitat in Thailand
Mongabay.com, 23 May 2013

Landmines, chains, and hope: the elephants of Thailand
Mongabay.com, 15 Jan 2013

Tiger and cubs filmed near proposed dam in Thailand
Mongabay.com, 04 Sep 2012

Mystery bird: Gurney's pitta, Pitta gurneyi
The Guardian, UK, 27 Feb 2012

Thailand must list rosewood under CITES
Mongabay.com, 18 Feb 2012

'Extinct' Syrus Cranes back in wild
Bangkok Post, Thailand, 02 Aug 2011

Researchers successfully breed Argus Pheasant
MCOT.org, Thailand, 08 Jan 2009

Rare giant turtle, Batagur baska, rediscovered in Thailand
WWF International, 10 Jan 2007

Thailand to return 48 orangutans to Indonesia
Bangkok Post, Thailand, 05 Sep 2006

Thailand to cull ducks in avian flu fight
Center for Infectious Disease Research & Policy, University of Minnesota, 11 Feb 2005

Deadly virus found in wild birds once again
Bangkok Post, Thailand, 05 Feb 2005

Elephants Saved Tourists From Tsunami
Global Surf News, 04 Jan 2005

Snails have their day in the sun
Bangkok Post, Thailand, 23 Feb '0

Bird Flu Virus crosses species barrier to domestic cats
Bangkok Post, Thailand, 21 Feb 2004

Mass cull of Open-billed Storks ruled out after laboratory tests
Bangkok Post, Thailand, 17 Feb 2004

Death of 200 Open-billed Storks raises virus concerns
Bangkok Post, Thailand, 16 Feb 2004

Storks, leopard had avian flu virus
Bangkok Post, Thailand, 14 Feb 2004

Gaur face bleak future
Bangkok Post, Thailand, 17 Nov 2003

Dholes get raw deal
Bangkok Post, Thailand, 06 Oct 2003 

Plan to save at-risk wildlife species
Bangkok Post, Thailand, 05 Jul 2003

Following the Phayre's Langur
Bangkok Post, Thailand, 30 Jun 2003

The secret life of Snakes
Bangkok Post, Thailand, 16 Jun 2003

Oriental Darter : High and Dry
Bangkok Post, Thailand, 03 Jun 2003